We help our customers improve productivity and streamline business processes by taking advantage of new functionality available from the latest upgrades of their OneWorld™/EnterpriseOne™ solution. When properly executed, an upgrade should benefit the entire business and not just the IT department, introducing better mobility to the workforce and ensuring the business is on a fully supported release by the Vendor.
DWS’ portfolio of upgrade services helps customers to find their way through the challenges of a typical upgrade.
Talk to DWS and you’ll discover a top class team with the thorough, market-learnt expertise that delivers an objective perspective. We can work as a dedicated upgrade team, leaving your team to focus on your live system. Or we can work alongside your in-house team, to train them or add vital extra capacity to meet deadlines.

Typical Questions from Upgrading Customers

  • How confident am I that my modification documentation is complete and 100% accurate?
  • Can I get hold of all the developers and consultants originally involved in my JDE implementation to help me work out what all the mods are or should be?
  • In cases of incomplete documentation how confident am I in the memories of those people originally involved in my JDE implementation to give me an accurate and 100% complete list of mods?
  • How certain am I that no mistakes have been made – and that undocumented modified objects don’t exist in my system?
  • Do I believe that the standard JDE Modifications Report shows me where ALL my modifications exist in the system?
  • Do I know what level of effort is involved in uplifting the modifications made at my current release to the new target release? Do I know how many resources I will need and for how long?

Dimension mitigates the risk of all these uncertainties by using a structured and tools-based approach (line-by-line code evaluation), saving you time and money.


Our Customers