A different way of thinking is required.

DWS believes that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers need to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to upgrading their systems. Keeping code current means maintaining your E1 solution at the latest code base level, which should be a consideration particularly after you have upgraded to the 9s. With Oracle releasing E1 9.2 towards the end of 2015 you have a great opportunity to get your system up to date now then adopt a code current policy, which will enable you to upgrade more easily in future.

Reduce complexity and simplify.

We can help you to reduce the complexity of your modified EnterpriseOne code base. By challenging modifications and simplifying your system, you will reduce the workload necessary to uplift the remaining modifications to the next release.

Make the most of your EnterpriseOne system.

By keeping code current you will become more agile, and able to take advantage of the constant developments from Oracle, ultimately achieving a much higher ROI on your annual maintenance costs. You will accelerate the time between upgrades as the impact on mods will be smaller and lessen the impact of upgrades because you have remained close to the Vendor’s code level, effectively spreading the cost of your next major mods upgrade over a longer period of time and therefore avoiding a significant spend when the next major release arrives.
Each time you perform a code current exercise you will be starting from an improved position so your upgrade costs will reduce, you will be able to benefit from the latest (lowest cost) technologies and reduced maintenance effort. These all combine to continually reduce your on-going Total Cost of Ownership.
Contact us now for more information on how Dimension Tempo™ can make code current a practical proposition for you.

Introducing Dimension Tempo™

Dimension Tempo™ leverages the power of our unique Dimension Analyze™ and Dimension Professional™ services to enable us to offer customers Code Current support contracts, with fixed price and fixed timescale Code Current events.

Best Upgrade Approach (BUA)

Our tools allow us to adopt what we call Best Upgrade Approach (BUA), which enables us to upgrade our customers’ modifications in the most optimal way – saving time and money.
If Oracle has not modified the standard object then no upgrade work is required


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