DWS aim to reduce complexity and simplify your upgrade process and reduce the associated costs that can be smoothed out and budgeted for as an operational expenditure as opposed to a capital one.

Staying Code Current

Dimension Tempo™ leverages the power of our unique Dimension Analyze™ and Dimension Professional™ services to enable us to offer customers Code Current support contracts, with fixed price and fixed timescale Code Current events. Here’s what you get.


  • Review: a FOC summary report, which enables us to determine your level of customisation and provide a high-level estimate for a Dimension Tempo™ contract.
  • Healthcheck: recommended every 12 months or bi-annually for larger footprints to identify decommissioning opportunities reducing your mods footprint, simplifying your system and reducing upgrade costs.
  • Impact: a report which baselines the net change between your current release level and the latest Vendor level, taking into account the impact on all of your modifications.
  • Upgrade: leveraging the power of Dimension Professional™ to deliver high quality upgraded code at a fixed price and timescale that is at the latest code-current level, with near-zero defect levels.

Reduce Complexity and Simplify

Say goodbye to the major disruptions to your operations that major upgrades used to cause!

Dimension Tempo

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