DWS deliver fixed price and fixed timescale upgrades using Dimension’s Best Upgrade Approach™ delivered with Dimension Professional™ .
Dimension Professional™ is a suite of applications that leverages data produced by Dimension Analyze™ and allows DWS to fully manage and fix the price of the modifications uplift component of an EnterpriseOne upgrade.
We regularly work alongside the customer’s own developers to deliver an upgrade. If engaged, DWS would provide the customer with access to the Dimension Professional™ Toolkit for the duration of the upgrade.

This enables us to:

  • See the exact location of all your E1 changes, and view the “from” and “to” releases concurrently, resulting in a faster and more accurate upgrade
  • Scan your system for known E1 upgrade issues and determine inter-dependencies between all E1 objects
  • View the Dimension Net Change™ data to fully understand the impact
  • Significantly increase developer productivity and “right first time” ratio
  • Deliver the lowest defect levels in the industry.

Our Customers