Get focused at InFocus. Focus on Testing – Presentation by Barry Burke

Get Focused at InFocus – Focus on Testing

• Presenter: Barry Burke
• Session id: JDE100290
• Tues Aug 9, 09:00 – 10:00

Testing an E1 upgrade can easily account for more than 50% of the upgrade effort. Even testing your modifications can
be onerous but it need not be so – not if you know where to focus your testing effort. Attend this session to learn from
research what E1 users have requested to make testing easier, learn about some of the options available to you for
testing your E1 system, learn how you can improve your test planning and test management and reduce your testing
effort by as much as 85%.

The objectives for the presentation are

  • To introduce attendees to research carried out amongst JDE E1 users re their experiences with applications software
  • To share research findings re what inhibits JDE E1 users from adopting software test automation solutions
  • To review software test automation solutions that address JDE E1 users’ requirements


August 8-10th 2016


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