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Continuous Delivery – the future for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

I have been a part of the thriving JD Edwards global community for over 25 years. In that time, I have witnessed the wholesale changes that […]

Building a Business Case for Test Automation

Are you part of an IT department or test team interested in implementing test automation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne? Is senior management reluctant to approve spend […]

10 ways Test Automation adds value to your business

Whilst it’s true to say that all testing can be carried out manually; it takes time to plan, build, execute, evaluate and document every single test […]

Test Automation. Is it right for you?

When it comes to assessing the efficiency of JDE E1 test planning and execution, organisations should adopt a pragmatic approach. The likelihood is, if you are […]

Test Automation. What’s it all about?

There is an old software engineering mantra. Test, Test, Test. The trouble is, as software programmes have become more complex, with multiple dependencies apparent throughout the […]

SwiftStart scripts make getting started with SwifTest even simpler

From June 2017, we are including a catalogue of example scripts, what we refer to as SwiftStart scripts, whenever we create a customer’s Dimension SwifTest™ environment within our secure Cloud repository – The Dimension Hub™.

A Review of Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Testing the streets of San Francisco So, another year has come and gone. We got to listen to Elton tickling the ivories in great style and […]

Code current – removing the barriers

I wonder if your organization has made the commitment to adopt a code current or content current strategy with your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation. According to […]

Are JD Edwards EnterpriseOne upgrades really that complex?

With only a quarter of JDE users having code current policies, according to recent research by DWS, there is no wonder that companies are looking at ways of removing the barriers to adopting a code current policy and to reducing the time and costs required to complete the update.

Practical Code-Current Solutions

In this final blog, in the series, we look at the solutions that make code-current a practical proposition and our developments for the future.

Challenges To Staying Code-Current

In this third part of our blog series we look at the challenges and considerations for staying code current.

Collaborate15 – Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

MD Barry Burke summarizes COLLABORATE 15 and the future developments of Code Current.

Entering the new Dimension with DWS

As we look forward to COLLABORATE15, Quest’s event of the year, here at DWS we are excitedly preparing to unveil our new journey for 2015.

The Business Case For Code-Current

In part 2 of this series we're looking at The Business Case for Code Current. Including the benefits of adopting a code current policy, and how code current has changed.

The 100 Day Upgrade – Myth or Fact?

Over the next four blogs we will be looking at the process of upgrading Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementations to the latest release, then what is involved in adopting a code-current strategy.Out first blog in the series is "The 100 day upgrade – Myth or Fact?"

JD Edwards Dazzles in Durban

The JDE EMEA Customer & Partner Summit 2015 brought five days of excellent content and workshops for all attendees including the curious and engaged JD Edwards customers.

Onward and Upwards – The future of JD Edwards From INFOCUS14

INFOCUS highlights the future for JD Edwards...

The Future Of JDE E1: Announcements From Lyle At UKOUG JDE14

Lyle Ekdahl made an exciting announcement about mobile apps for EnterpriseOne as part of his keynote speech at UKOUG JDE14, where he also gave us some other hints about what to expect in the near future when it comes to JDE E1 developments. For those of you who weren't there, we thought we’d share the secrets…

Chaos: What’s Your Legacy?

DWS had an excellent couple of days at UKOUG JDE14 last week; here are our highlights from Lyle Ekdahl's keynote speech...

JD Edwards – Cultural Learnings From Oracle OpenWorld

Love and loyalty for the JD Edwards Product Line; the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT); going mobile; and developing a Consistent UI Experience... News, views and more as MD Barry Burke reviews Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

Understanding the Upgrade Challenge on Quality Assurance

The final part of our Implementing Your Upgrade blog series, looking at the JDE E1 upgrade challenges faced for Quality Assurance...

“Constructing Efficiency” – DWS Feature in Oracle Profit Magazine

DWS continues to support Oracle by sponsoring the JD Edwards 2014 Special Edition of the Oracle Profit Magazine...

Understanding the Upgrade Challenge for Developers

The second part of our Implementing Your Upgrade blog series, looking at the JDE E1 upgrade challenges faced by Developers...

Understanding the Upgrade Challenge for Technical Project Managers

The first part of our Implementing Your Upgrade blog series, looking at the JDE E1 upgrade challenges faced by technical project managers...

Business Services: What’s in the Future?

The final part of our Business Services blog series, looking at what the future holds for web services support within E1 and how recent enhancements by Oracle will have an impact...

Business Services: A DWS Case Study

Part IV of our Business Services blog series: a case study example looking at how implementing web services helped one DWS customer to achieve their objective of integrating JDE E1 with one of their parent company systems.

Business Services: Uptake by JDE E1 Customers

Part III of our latest blog series, looking at how Business Services have been adopted by Oracle JDEdwards E1 customers...

Business Services: History

Part II of our latest blog series looking at where it all began for web services...

Business Services: Introduction

Part I of our latest blog series, introducing Business Services: looking at the story behind the technology, its take-up by the JDE community and what the future holds...

Planning Your Upgrade Part 3 – Building A Business Case

Putting together a business case to support a major JD Edwards E1 system upgrade is challenging – especially when so many elements have the potential to be variables. Find out how Dimension Analyze™ from DWS can help you to put together a business plan for your upgrade…

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