Meet Gordon. The Gecko.

He’s the powerful symbol of what we believe marks DWS out from the crowd. Nimble, alert, fast, active, precise: he’s all the things we pride ourselves on.

Did you know, there are over 750 species of gecko? Like DWS, each has evolved as a highly-developed specialist. What they (and we) share, is an inventive technology that allows them to out-perform their competitors in the food chain. In the gecko’s case, that’s the remarkable technology of plates and fibres that allow it to defy gravity, run up the smoothest wall or speed across a ceiling. In our case, it’s a combination of technical prowess and imagination that produces surprising, fresh and valuable answers. We’d like to think it’s a combination that makes us every bit as distinctive as our symbol.

Beyond a safe, utterly dependable pair of hands, there’s humanity, imagination and even fun in the way we set about what we do. We hope our gecko expresses this too, and brings a smile to the eye.

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